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Revolutionize your shopping experience with our customizable Jute Shopping Bag. Take charge by tailoring its size, design, color, and print artwork to match your unique style. Crafted from sustainable jute, it's not just a bag; it's your personalized eco-statement. Elevate your commitment to sustainability while expressing your individuality. Whether you're heading to the market or running daily errands, carry a bag that aligns with your values. Join the conscious consumer movement and shop with purpose. Make a statement for a greener planet as you shop consciously and uniquely. Choose our customizable Jute Shopping Bag - where eco-friendly meets personalized style, making every carry a reflection of your values and unique flair.

Product Code: LB003

Measurement: H x W x G : 17.5 in x 18 in x 10 in.

Fabrics: Jute Cotton Natural & White Fabrics

Handle: TFU Leather with Repeat lock.

Print: Sticker print One side (12"x1.5")

Weight: 482g.

Current bag size : 24 w, 24 h, 12.5 d,

Bag weight: 116 grams.

Find your perfect eco-friendly shopping buddy with our Custom Jute Bags! Pick colors you love, comfy handles, and cool fabrics. Add your personal touch with custom prints, all at wallet-friendly prices. Join the green fashion wave and shine on every shopping trip!

Measurement: H x W x G : 13.5 in x 13.5 in x 7.5 in.

Fabrics: Jute Cotton White & Natural Lamination.

Handle: Cotton Tape Handle 15.5".

Print: Sticker print both side (10"x8"), (10"x1")

Discover the perfect blend of sustainability and style with our Diversified Jute Laundry Bag. Tailor your laundry routine to your preferences with customizable options, including size, fabric, color, and print. Choose the ideal dimensions for your space, select from a variety of eco-friendly jute fabrics, personalize with your favorite colors, and add a unique touch with customizable prints. Our bags are more than just laundry organizers.

About Us

Welcome to MONY JUTE GOODS AND HANDICRAFTS INDUSTRIES, where passion, innovation, and empowerment converge to create a tapestry of excellence. Established in 1978 by the dynamic Hasina Akter Mony, our journey began with a vision to redefine the jute industry and champion women's empowerment.

At the heart of our story is a commitment to weaving dreams, and we've mastered the art of crafting jute products that transcend the ordinary. Led by Hasina Akter, a trailblazer in diversified jute manufacturing, our semi-composite factory is a testament to pushing boundaries and setting industry standards.

Step into a world where creativity meets capability. Our permanent units, equipped with skilled artisans, bring to life a symphony of jute products. Picture 50 dedicated craftsmen at our bag-making unit, 15 artisans weaving fabrics with precision, and another 15 experts mastering the alchemy of dyeing and laminating.

Mony Jute isn't just a brand; it's a movement. Over 500 women, working from the comfort of their homes, infuse every piece with a spirit of empowerment. Our monthly production capacity of 150,000 yards in fabrics and 75,000 meticulously crafted bags speaks volumes about our dedication to quality and scale.

Embark on a journey with us, where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life. Catering to local government, corporate clients, and proudly exporting to South Korea, Japan, Austria, and Australia, we are redefining the global perception of jute craftsmanship.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of empowerment, the allure of innovation, and the irresistible charm of MONY JUTE GOODS AND HANDICRAFTS INDUSTRIES – where every product tells a story, and every purchase supports a vision of positive change. Elevate your lifestyle with our exquisite jute creations and be a part of something truly extraordinary.